Roses For Margaret - Digital Art and Photoshop

Roses For Margaret is a digital art piece based on the characters from my novel-in-progress of the same name, dealing with growing up in an all-girls school, same-sex attraction/first love and illness. These are the main characters, Evangeline and Margaret, drawn in Paint Tool SAI and edited with Topaz Labs on Photoshop to get a traditional, charcoal effect in black and white. The coloured version, unedited, is below.

I have drawn them, referencing ball-jointed dolls for the facial features and eyes, to make them appear innocent and young. 


What's Left Behind II - Print and Biro

What's Left Behind college project.
Drypoint print made using specialist machinery, referenced from my own photography and then photocopied and drawn into with green biro, for the overgrown look. 

A cleaner print with less pick-up of the caligo ink; I like the first print with more of the ink, as it gives it a grainy, rough feel and adds texture and atmosphere, whereas the cleaner print appears plainer, but more refined.

This print has had some of the ink rubbed away with a cloth before being rolled in the machinery, so the effect is very rough and experimental, as well as less refined.


What's Left Behind - Print and Stitch

For a college brief, "what's left behind". My theme is what death leaves behind, both in a spiritual sense, and in the decay of architecture. 

First of all I took some photographs at a local graveyard, of time-worn tombstones, and decided to make a drypoint print using specialist machinery. I printed several times to get the clean-lined print with less pick-up, developing my technique each time with different effects, such as shading, clean lines, and noise.
In the above print, I decided to shade into it with a pencil to get more depth and the decayed marbled effect. 
For other prints, I have photocopied in black and white and embroidered into the paper, to show the overgrown by nature look that some of the graves I visited had. This was an experimental technique, using stitch as line and adding a pop of colour. It shows that the deceased person is left behind, forgotten by nature and time as a reminder of their life and death is overgrown and neglected. 


My Angel - Photography


To Thy Cross I Cling - Photography


In Loving Memory Of - Photography


Rococo and Victoria - Biro and Markers

Fashion design. I took inspiration from the history influencing Lolita fashion.